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Service Description

Through NFT portals, our digital works are paired to real world tools or accoutrement, that draw inspiration from the photo being released on the blockchain. High-res downloads, framed originals, and tactical solution sets are what the NFT Buys. OpenSea and Rarible are presently used for NFT releases. Purchases made on the Ethereum blockchain will direct buyers to a private blockchain and web portal for final and confidential real world delivery details. With each photo, with each royalty resell, every buyer of the NFT package will earn an authentic, custom designed, fully real world capable, instrumentation solution set (kit). Digital art retaining a connection to the physical world, is the beauty of this arraignment. No two kits will ever be alike, with each iteration of the blockchain, as valuations may rise, so too will the compliment of hardware & softwares, and other items that we would seek to include in a themed kit. All kits come in a Pelican Case, because we don't fuck around. All kits will possess $1,000-$160,000 USD or more, of items hand picked to exemplify the emotion and need of the moment being captured... Parcels will possess products and items that are legal to acquire in all jurisdictions shipped, Duty/VATaxes and UPS/DHL Shipping costs will be included in the price of the NFT at the time of transaction and/or included in the royalty issuance, should these NFT's be resold. Existing Kits: - Medical Kit - Bar Kit - BBQ Kit - Survival Kit - Natural Disaster Kit - Flavour Enhancement Kit - Journalist Kit - Courtroom Kit - Estate Kit - Construction Kit - Sales Kit - Street Art Kit - Building Science Kit - Vertical Agriculture Kit - Automotive Upgrade Kit - Maritime Adventure Kit - Trade Station Kit - Macro Economics Kit - Foreign Policy Kit - Intimacy Kit - Photography Kit - Textiles Kit - Counter Assault Kit - General Weapons Kit - Special Weapons Kit - Foreign Travel Kit - Child Survival Kit - Parenting Survival Kit - Corporate Administration Kit - Joke & Bad Humor Kit - High Society Kit - Acoustics Kit

Contact Details

  • 1-778-869-3230

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